Bad Debt Protection

Protect your business against the impact of a customer insolvency or non-payment and give yourself peace of mind

What is bad debt protection?

It is a sad reality that many businesses go into insolvency each year. At Advantedge Commercial Finance, we know that assessing your customers ability to pay can be difficult and you don’t want to turn business away. In the event of non payment, recovering monies that are owed to you can be extremely difficult with the risk of no-payment for goods or services that you have supplied, having a serious impact on your business.

Our Bad Debt Protection service gives you the confidence of knowing you will receive payment for all your hard-earned sales even in the event of a customer insolvency ensuring no disruption to your cash flow. It can help your business if:


  • the impact of a bad debt could have a negative effect on your business cash flow

  • you want to grow your business knowing your business is protected

  • you want to spread the risk that some of your large customers represent

The benefits

Peace of mind

Peace of mind giving you the confidence to drive forward new business opportunities


Flexibility to choose protection against selected customers within your portfolio up to a maximum of fifteen customers

Guaranteed payment

We can provide cover for 85% of your payment


Can be put in place quickly

How much does it cost?


The cost depends on the profile of your customers and the level of protection provided.  We work with you to decide on how you would like the solution to work for you.  Costs are agreed with you upfront so you know exactly how much it will cost.

Who is eligible?

Bad Debt Protection is a sensible choice for any business wishing to safeguard against potential losses which may result from a customers’ insolvency or non-payment of debt. Any Advantedge Commercial Finance client can take advantage of our Bad Debt Protection solution.

Why choose Advantedge?

We are committed to putting our clients at the heart of everything we do. Our approach is based on traditional values whilst ensuring that we match what you expect from a modern vibrant funder.

We understand how important relationships are and so work hard to get to know your business so we can match our solutions to your current and future requirements. 

As an independent, privately run business ourselves, we believe we know what you want from a funder and work hard to deliver just that.  You will benefit from local teams who deliver a fast-personal response, with easy access to senior decision makers, who get involved when you want them to.

Over the last 17 years, we have funded over £2 billion of client invoices to UK businesses of all shapes and sized and in many types of industry sectors.

Give your business the Advantedge it needs today.

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