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Trusted cashflow support helping drive recovery

The scramble to rollout the Covid-19 vaccine is a further seismic reminder of the sheer scale of the pandemic and the global duty of care that national governments have in protecting their populations.

Delivering and distributing the three currently “approved” vaccines presents an enormous logistical challenge for us in the UK. Here at Advantedge, we are doing all we can to support our specialist transport and distribution clients cashflows as they adapt and make changes to their operational capacities for them to transport the doses safely and effectively under a strict control.

In the case of the Pfizer vaccine for example, the requirement to store the doses in temperatures of below -70°c during transportation has led to a “deep freeze delivery chain”, pushing up costs and overheads for many operators and placing a further strain on working capital.

Having the right partner is crucial during these times of extraordinary demand to provide these businesses with the funding confidence to meet their cashflow challenges.

With five fully operational centres throughout the UK, Advantedge's ability to offer a highly localised and specialised approach, together with an unrivalled level of service delivery enables it to be there with and your business on its cashflow journey ahead.